GMR Aerocity Delhi’s Journey Through 2023

GMR Aerocity Delhi's Journey Through 2023

GMR Aerocity has cemented its position as Delhi’s go-to destination for vibrant celebrations and festivities. GMRAerocity has become a melting pot of entertainment, culture, and community spirit, and has taken the city by storm in 2023 with a series of marquee events that have elevated it to the status of the go-to destination for all things celebratory. Let us have a look at the multitude of events we hosted over the span of the year that made 2023 memorable for all of NCR.

Sunset Screening – Father’s Day Celebrations

Starting on the 24th of November, the Merry City Festival kicked off one of the most unique Christmas experiences. All of GMR Aerocity was adorned with twinkling lights and festive decor, and the joyful tunes of carol singers echoed through the air. Merry City witnessed all the renowned brands in GMR Aerocity Delhi setting up stalls, each showcasing their exclusive Christmas-themed products. However, the two-day festival was more than a shopping event; it was a holistic celebration of Christmas with a diverse range of brands and activities that engaged visitors.

Independence Day Extravaganza

Merry City’s interactive engagements were an absolute delight to visitors of all ages. With brands from all spheres showcasing their products and captivating activities, Merry City created a memorable experience for anyone who visited. With all your favourite brands like Octavious Tea, Kheoni, and Sugar & Spice their stalls setting up stalls for customers to test their products in the most innovative and Christmas-themed way. Indulging in an immersive experience with activities like a coffee workshop, gingerbread decoration, meeting Santa, and enjoying the festive tunes and carol singing along with a live emcee event, Merry City witnessed the Square with its own set of attractions and a Christmas Market. Ranging from quirky souvenirs and ornaments to decadent confectioneries, seasonal beverages, skincare, and home decor, the festival truly encapsulated the authentic essence of Christmas.

New Tomorrow Campaign – Fostering Eco-consciousness
Taking a step towards sustainable practices, GMR Aerocity launched the “New Tomorrow” campaign. One of the major attractions of the campaign was the artistic installation featuring a metallic tiger filled with plastic bottles. This tiger was a symbol of two of the most pressing concerns faced by India. The urgent need to address the endangered tiger population and the mounting plastic waste crisis. The campaign aimed to inspire change and promote safe, secure, and sustainable practices within the community.
ICC Cricket World Cup Screenings
With the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup engulfing the nation in cricketing fever, GMR Aerocity emerged as the city’s hotspot for sports enthusiasts. We hosted screening events that brought together fans from all walks of life, creating an electric atmosphere of excitement, fun, and celebration. This event saw GMR Aerocity become synonymous with the thrill of victory and the camaraderie of sports.
Craft City Festival – Showcasing India’s Artistic Heritage
Diversifying our offering for the year, we at GMR Aerocity hosted the Craft City Festival, a celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage. Craft City saw stalls and workshops featuring traditional paintings, handicrafts, and live performances transformed GMR Aerocity into a vibrant canvas of artistic expression. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with these art forms, fostering a sense of appreciation and preservation of India’s indigenous crafts.
Indian Gentlemen’s Ride – Rally for Men’s Mental Health
Men’s mental health has been gaining a lot of rightful attention and GMR Aerocity also contributed to raising awareness about the topic. We at GMR Aerocity played host to the global event, the “Indian Gentlemen’s Ride” which saw hundreds of riders from over 40 clubs participate in this rally, organised by Bharat Beard Club. Beyond the roar of engines, the event aimed to raise awareness about mental health issues, showcasing GMR Aerocity’s commitment to holistic well-being.
D2C Fest – Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical Retail
All of us are living in the digital age, and we at GMR Aerocity are at the forefront of embracing the digital age. In light of this, we hosted the D2C Fest, a unique event that blended online and offline shopping experiences. This event saw leading online retailers set up stalls, offering visitors an immersive shopping experience that seamlessly bridged the gap between the digital and physical worlds. The fest was a brilliant example of our adaptability at GMR Aerocity to stay at the forefront of evolving consumer trends.
Hotelier India Awards 2023 – Recognition for Excellence
The hospitality sector took centre stage as GMR Aerocity hosted the prestigious Hotelier India Awards 2023. Not only did we set the standard for hospitality with this event, but we also received the coveted award for “the Best Hospitality & Business District of the Year,” solidifying our reputation as the city’s premier destination for business and leisure.
Merry City Festival – A Joyful Prelude to Christmas
With the year drawing to its culmination, we at,GMR Aerocity ushered in the Christmas season with the Merry City Festival. The festival saw twinkling lights, festive decor, and the harmonious tunes of carol singers filled the air. Renowned brands in GMR Aerocity showcased exclusive Christmas-themed products, and immersive activities such as a coffee workshop and gingerbread decoration added to the festive cheer making GMR Aercoity the city’s go-to destination for celebration during the festive season.
In summary, our journey through 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular. From heartfelt family gatherings to national celebrations, eco-conscious campaigns, global events, cultural showcases, and festive extravaganzas, we at GMR Aerocity have established ourselves as the city’s premier destination for diverse and engaging events. Our vision at GMR Aerocity is clear – to continue to provide you with brilliant experiences and further elevate the standards of events, making us the ultimate go-to destination for celebrations in Delhi. As the sun sets on 2023, GMR Aerocity stands as a testament to the power of community, culture, and celebration.