Unfolding new experiences with D2C at GMR Aerocity

Unfolding new experiences with D2C at GMR Aerocity

The national capital has become home to a one-of-a-kind destination, a hub of the city’s premier events, where culinary delights, retail therapy, and entertainment converge to craft a myriad of experiences. GMR Aerocity stands out as a distinctive business and hospitality district, skillfully transforming every moment into an extraordinary memory. With an array of retail outlets, hotels, and restaurants catering to diverse budgets and moods, GMR Aerocity exemplifies modern urban planning and development.

Another noteworthy aspect of GMR Aerocity is its prominence as a venue for unique events that shape the social and cultural fabric of Delhi. It has earned its status as the city’s preferred locale for international concerts, high-profile fashion shows, art exhibitions, and corporate summits. Malvika Jain, the founder of Sereko stated “I think this fest gave us an opportunity to get one step closer to our consumers. We were able to interact with our consumers directly and showcase our product range. We also got some valuable insights from the other brands that were present at the fest.”

Serving at the forefront for bustling social gatherings, GMR Aerocity encapsulates the vibrancy, opulence, and sophistication of the city. True to its reputation, the district hosted the highly anticipated D2C Fest on November 25th and 26th, promising to elevate its grandeur to new heights.

Blurring the line between online and offline

The D2C Fest was not your typical festival; it was a celebration of the shopping journey, seamlessly blending the digital and physical realms to provide a sensory delight for all participants. This event served as a bridge between the virtual and tangible, presenting shoppers with a distinctive and immersive experience. With some of the most prominent online brands like Bluestone, Phool, Giva, Snitch, EcoSoul, Smytten and many more showcasing their myriad of products in real life. What set the D2C Fest apart was its commitment to delivering an unparalleled shopping adventure. Attendees could enjoy a unique and immersive encounter as their favorite retailers engaged with them, showcasing their top-selling products.

The unfolding of D2C
The advent of the D2C fest brought a never-seen-before opportunity to physically experience or test a product before making an online purchase. Attendees braced themselves to discover a diverse array of brands from leading online retailers, encompassing electronics, fashion, and lifestyle. Going beyond conventional shopping festivals, the D2C Fest provided an immersive encounter, featuring additional attractions such as enticing food stalls, live music, dance performances, and various workshops. GMR Aerocity was set to be the ultimate destination on the 25th and 26th of November. The two days of the D2C festival witnessed 21 of the most reputed online brands coming and showcasing the best of their products for attendees to get a real-life feel before purchasing. The list of brands included illustrious names like Bombay Shaving Company, Bluestone, Chique, and Vosmos. The fest also witnessed pioneers from the retail industry sharing their insightful thoughts in interactive sessions moderated by BW journalists. Names like Siddhant Gupta, the founder of Chique, and Piyush Gupta, the CEO of Vosmos, took the spotlight and interacted with the attendees to share some valuable insights on the intersection of the digital and real-world based on their expertise. In addition to this,Tushar Khurana, the founder of Perfora stated “It’s a good place for us to garner more attention and give the audience a real-life feel of our products.” These interactive and insightful conversations elevated the event to make it a unique blend of fun, shopping and insights.
GMR Aerocity: the city’s destination for celebration
GMR Aerocity’s cadre to host awe-inspiring events makes it the focal point of the city’s admiration and extends beyond the D2C Fest. The district boasts a prestigious history of hosting numerous breathtaking fashion shows, lively flea markets, enthralling movie and sports event screenings, and numerous other gatherings that have left an indelible mark on Delhi’s high-life. The pivotal role played by the restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments in GMR Aerocity has significantly contributed to elevating the overall ambience of these events.
Final Thoughts
With the success of the D2C fest, GMR Aerocity adds another chapter to its legacy. The two day event was a wholesome experience from shopping to food to music and inspiration from the leading brands in the industry. The beautiful evening had become even more soulful by the melody spread across the premise by the bands that were present at the event. D2C event is GMR Aerocity’s latest endeavour to redefine the way Delhiites celebrate, inviting everyone to transform their online shopping experiences into unforgettable moments. However, with the festive season in full swing, the long list of exciting and engaging events at GMR Aerocity will not come to a halt, so stay tuned for more enthralling festivities.