Dil Mein Hai Dilli

Welcome to the "Dil Mein Hai Dilli" Festival


"Dil Mein Hai Dilli" is more than just a festival; it celebrates Delhi's spirit, essence, and people. This month-long extravaganza is a tribute to the city's rich heritage, vibrant culture, and dynamic energy. From visual arts to literature, poetry to music, history walks to culinary delights, "Dil Mein Hai Dilli" promises an immersive experience that will leave you spellbound.


Join us at Utsav, The Square, nestled in the heart of GMR Aerocity, New Delhi, to embark on this incredible journey of rediscovering Delhi's charm and allure. With its modern amenities, lush green spaces, and vibrant atmosphere, GMR Aerocity provides the perfect backdrop for this celebration of Delhi's past, present, and future.

Meet The Artists

Experience the magic of Delhi through the eyes of its artists, storytellers, musicians, poets, and chefs. Meet the creative minds behind the captivating performances, immersive exhibitions, and delectable culinary experiences that will make "Dil Mein Hai Dilli" truly unforgettable.

  • Stuti Arora Calligraphy Workshop
  • Photography Workshop IIP
  • Minisha Portrait Workshop
  • Rajdhani Band
  • Atul Tiwari

Event Lineup

From an exhibition showcasing the city's creative spirit, to dazzling performances - our event lineup has something for everyone.

Date Day Time Event Name Venue Registration
4-May-24 Saturday 5:00 PM Participants Meetup Utsav
4-May-24 Saturday 6:30 PM Dilli Ka Bhangra Amazon
5-May-24 Sunday 6:00 PM Dil-O-Dilli - A tribute to Delhi Poets. A recital by Rashmi Agarwal Utsav
11-May-24 Saturday 4:00 PM Epresssive Calligraphy Workshop with Stuti Utsav Register Now
11-May-24 Saturday 6:30 PM Delhi Belly and Bollywood with Atul Tiwari Utsav Register Now
12-May-24 Sunday 4:00 PM Mobile Photography Workshop with Romeo Utsav Register Now
14-May-24 Tuesday 4:00 PM Portrait Making with Minisha Utsav Register Now
17-May-24 Friday 6:30 PM Dilli Ki Barat Ka Band Amazon Register Now
18-May-24 Saturday 6:30 PM Purane Dilliwale by Swapna Liddle Utsav Register Now
24-May-24 Friday 4:00 PM Dilli Ke Kone with Shriti Tyagi Utsav Register Now
26-May-24 Sunday 6:00 PM Dilli Ki Dastan with Manisha and Adrija Utsav Register Now
26-May-24 Sunday 7:15 PM Kavi Sammelan with Dr. Pallavi, Ar. Dheeraj and others Utsav Register Now
28-May-24 Tuesday 5:30 PM Watercolor Workshop by Shashank Shukla on Nature Theme Utsav Register Now
29-May-24 Wednesday 5:00 PM Destination Delhi with Chief Guest Anuj Dayal Utsav Register Now
1-Jun-24 Saturday 5:30 PM Discussion on Book 'Agnikaal' based on the medivial history of Delhi by Yugal Joshi- Director Niti Ayog Utsav Register Now
1-Jun-24 Saturday 7:00 PM Sufiyana Dilli Utsav Register Now


Our Partners

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for their invaluable support in making "Dil Mein Hai Dilli" possible. Together, we aim to celebrate Delhi's rich cultural heritage and create memories that will last a lifetime.