Nature: A Tribute to the Creation

Nature: A Tribute to the Creation

Welcome to "Nature: A Tribute to the Creation" Festival


“Nature: A Tribute to Creation” is a captivating festival celebrating our identity and origins. This month-long extravaganza is dedicated to the environment and heritage, featuring a diverse array of events including panel discussions, lectures, visual arts, and interactive experiences. Join us for “Nature: A Tribute to Creation”, and immerse yourself in an enriching journey that will leave you inspired and awestruck.


Join us at Utsav, set in The Square at the heart of GMR Aerocity, New Delhi. Discover an extraordinary journey to reconnect with our origins and engage in thought-provoking discussions about the environment and nature. With its contemporary facilities, verdant landscapes, and lively ambience, GMR Aerocity offers an ideal setting to honour Mother Nature.

Event Lineup

From book talks to nature-themed musical dance performances, our lineup of events is designed to inspire you to reimagine nature while enjoying yourself.

Date Day Time Event Name Venue Registration
6-Jun-24 Thursday 6:30 PM Visual Arts Inauguration Utsav
9-Jun-24 Sunday 6:30 PM Wild Life Chronicles – A Book Talk Utsav Register Now
19-Jun-24 Wednesday 4:30 PM Trash to Cash workshop for Children Utsav Register Now
21-Jun-24 Friday 4:30 PM Books That Bring Us Closer To Nature - Ramveer Tanwar, Maj. Gen. Anand Saxena and Sopan Joshi Utsav Register Now
21-Jun-24 Friday 6:15 PM Mandala for Mindfulness Utsav Register Now
22-Jun-24 Saturday 6:00 PM Insights from Mt. Everest- Talk by Atul Karwal Utsav Register Now
26-Jun-24 Wednesday 4:30 PM Origamy workshop Utsav Register Now
28-Jun-24 Friday Book Discussion with noted author Pranay Lal and Sopan joshi Utsav
29-Jun-24 Saturday Musical Performance Utsav
29-Jun-24 Saturday Flower Culture in India - Discussion with Dr. Alka Pande Utsav

Our Partners

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners for their invaluable support in making "Nature: A Tribute to Creation" possible. Together, we aim to celebrate our origins and the beauty of nature, environment, and sustainability, creating an experience that will leave a lasting impression.